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Balustrade Uckfield

KB Glass offer elegant balustrades for all domestic and commercial balconies and stairways in Uckfield. We are a fully trained, enthusiastic team who prioritise customer service and fitting your new balustrade perfectly.


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Stunning Balustrades

Transform Your Balcony

If you have a traditional balcony or stairway - with metal slats or concrete posts, these can be potentially dangerous for you and your family. We offer glass balustrades as an alternative which gives a restrictive barrier at the open drop, with minimal posts and no corner posts which provides additional safety benefits. Not only are they are safer option - they also look beautiful and elegant too. They are made from high quality, robust glass and require no maintenance, so you do not have to worry about repainting or updating once it is installed.

We offer 4 types of balustrade:

  • Clear Float Glass Balustrade - A classic balustrade which is entirely transparent, smooth and stunning looking. It can be altered during design to give you an entirely unique product.
  • Tinted Float Glass Balustrade - Similar to the clear float glass, but with added colourant to the glass during production which reduces solar heat gain and glare. This is likely to reduce your cooling costs. The most popular colours added include: grey, bronze, green and blue.
  • Toughened Float Glass Balustrade - Designed with high strength 'safety' glass which can still be flexible within design.
  • Laminated Float Glass Balustrade - This is a strong 'safety' glass for high risk areas such as doors, side panels, low level glazing and roofs. It can be made anti-bandit and bulletproofed for Banks, Building Societies and Offices.

We are a team of experienced tradesmen who are dedicated to providing professional, reliable service. We always make sure the balustrade is installed perfectly and you are more than happy with our service. We are accredited by Trading Standards, so you know we are genuine and dependable.

To find out more about our affordable balustrade options, call us on 01323 411028 or complete the online form at the top of this page for your free quote.