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Balustrade Maresfield

KB Glass offer stunning balustrades, perfect for balconies and staircases. They are tailored to your requirements and suit your individual property.


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Beautiful Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades make a different, unique balcony or staircase and provide a safer option if you have young children. They don't include any posts - just a restrictive panel which can be less of a safety hazard. We offer a variety of frames to make your glass balustrade your own. You can customise your balustrade however you like to make it entirely unique.

We offer 4 types of balustrade:

  • Clear float glass - These are made from transparent, smooth glass which is easy to clean and looks sparkling. The classic balustrade look which you will be used to seeing. We can be flexible within the sizing and design to suit your requirements.
  • Tinted float glass - Similar to clear float glass, but it has colourant added during production to give it a coloured tint. Our most popular colours include grey, green, bronze and blue. The tint can reduce solar heat gain and glare which reduces cooling costs in your property.
  • Toughened float glass - This is made from high strength glass which is considered a 'safety glass'.
  • Laminated float glass - A safety glass which is suitable for high risk areas such as doors, side panels, glazing and roofs. This glass is anti-bandit and bulletproofed, perfect for banks, building societies and offices.

Glass balustrades require no maintenance so no more painting or maintenance like you would have to with a fence or similar. We will expertly install your balustrade, with little disruption to you. To chat with one of our team, please fill in the form at the top of this page or give us a call on 01323 411028. We will happily provide you with a free quote or any further information you require.