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KB Glass offer exquisite balustrade safety solutions in Hastings and East Sussex. We are committed to providing beautiful, well-fitted glass balustrades for open drops every time. Contact us today to get your free quote!


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Beautiful Balustrades

Transform Your Balcony

Are you worried about the dangers of having fencing or metal slats on your balcony or staircase as this is a dangerous hazard for you or your children? KB Glass offer a alternative solution which doesn't just have safety benefits - it also looks beautiful too. If you choose a balustrade - this is also means minimal posts and absolutely no corner posts which reduces safety risks even further.

All balustrades are extremely strong and require no maintenance - so once it is perfectly fitted you can just enjoy it without worry about repainting or updating!

We offer 4 types of balustrade:

  • Clear Float Glass Balustrade - An entirely transparent and smooth surface which forms the main material of the balustrade. It can be altered to any size to fit your design desires. The glass is easy to clean and keep smear free so that your balustrade remains looking as good as new.
  • Tinted Float Glass Balustrade - Similar to the above balustrade option, but we add colourant to the glass which reduces solar heat gain and glare. Therefore this is a great way to keep cooling costs low in your building. The most commonly used colours include: grey, bronze, green and blue.
  • Toughened Float Glass Balustrade - This is made from high strength 'safety' glass. But even though this is strong - it can still be altered so you can be flexible with your design.
  • Laminated Float Glass Balustrade - This is a strong 'safety' glass for high risk areas such as doors, side panels, low level glazing and roofs. It can be made anti-bandit and bulletproofed for Banks, Building Societies and Offices.

All of our staff are experienced tradesmen who are dedicated to installing a well-fitted product and always providing superb customer service - this is why our customers often choose to go with us time and time again. We are accredited by Trading Standards - which reassures you that you are receiving reliable service from experienced tradesmen.

With stunning products and surprisingly low prices at KB Glass  - why not give us a call on 01323 411028 or complete the online form at the top of this page for your free quote.