Laminated Float Glass is ideal for shopfronts, balcony panels, glass
floors, stair treads, water tanks and observation windows for swimming

Laminated glass is produced by permanently bonding two pieces of glass together with a tough plastic interlayer (polyvinyl butyral) under heat and pressure. The interlayer material is invisible when viewed through the glass. With glass on either side, the finished glass is indistinguishable from monolithic glass when installed in a frame. Most often, laminated glass is produced from annealed glass, but heat strengthened or tempered glass can be used when special performance needs are required such as glass floors or stair treads.

Laminated glass when made from annealled glass will break like ordinary glass but the PVB interlayer will hold it together, stopping sharp shards of glass causing injury. Depending on the thickness of the annealled glass used, or the thickness of the PVB interlayer, Laminated glass can be described as a Safety glass or Anti-bandit glass and by increasing the layers, a Bullet proof glass.

The following laminated glass is available:

Three ply laminates.

4.4mm (2/0.38/2) Safety, Clear only

6.4mm (3/0.38/3) Safety, Clear and Tinted only

6.8mm (3/0.76/3) Safety, Clear, Tinted and Obscured

7.5mm (3/1.52/3) Anti-Bandit, Clear only

8.8mm (4/0.76/4) Safety, Clear, Tinted and Obscured

9.5mm (4/1.52/4) Anti-Bandit, Clear only

10.8mm (5/0.76/5) Safety, Clear, Tinted and Obscured

11.5mm (5/1.52/5) Anti-Bandit, Clear only

13.5mm (6/1.52/6) Anti-Bandit, Clear only

Five ply laminates.

11.3mm (3/1.14/3/1.14/3) Anti-Bandit, Clear only

Bullet Resistant Glass.

23.0mm Class G0 9mm Handgun, Clear only

36.5mm Class G1 357 Magnum Handgun, Clear only

42.0mm Class G2 44 Magnum Handgun, Clear only

42.0mm Class R1 5.56mm Rifle (1-7 Twist), Clear only

42.0mm Class S86 12 Bore Shotgun, Clear only

50.0mm Class R2 7.62mm Rifle, Clear only


Safety glass for risk areas around the home such as doors, side panels, low level glazing and roofs. Anti-Bandit and Bullet Resistant glass for Banks, Building Societies, Accounts Offices, Post Office, anywhere where security is required.

Laminated glass is also used for Shopfronts, Balcony panels, Glass floors, Stair Treads, Water Tanks and Observation windows for swimming pools.