One common method of silvering float glass is the ‘dual coat’ method. This involves coating clear or tinted glass with silver and then layering protective coats of copper this is then covered with coats of paint which help protect the mirror from attack by corrosive substances and physical abrasion.

We supply a full range of high quality mirrors in both standard silvered float and tinted silvered glass, they can be supplied with polished or bevelled edges, brilliant cut with designs engraved on them. Holes can be drilled for fixing with screws or un-drilled for fixing with mirror clips, in addition they can have either a safety film applied to the back or with a metal foil film to protect against condensation in a bathroom or over a basin.


Clear and exact images without distortion
Cut to any shapes such as ovals, octagons etc
For special effects mirrors can be sandblasted


Bathrooms, Toilets, Halls.
Mirrored walls to create more light or space
Furniture backs, shelves, table tops
Facial looking glass
Decorative applications


From 2mm to 6mm thick cut to size

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